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“Everything Should Be As Simple As Possible,
But No Simpler”

- Albert Einstein


Production: Building The Design  

Building Your Website

Architecture And Construction - Think of your website, for just a moment, as a new house or an older house that's ready for renovation.

We start by creating the architecture and design of the house, and revise it until it works and feels right.

Then we build the website. In addition to designing the interactive flow of your website and its graphical look, Workable Web Solutions will construct your website. (Or we will work with your in-house I.T. staff on the construction.)

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A few points about producing your website

Our sites are fast loading, tested in many different browsers, and can be maintained by you or us.

Fast Loading - Websites built by Workable Web Solutions are professional in appearance, fast loading and easy for users to find what they are looking for. It's hard enough getting people to show up without discouraging them once they get to your website. Don't lose part of the audience while they wait for the curtain to go up!

Standards Compliant - In addition to being fast-loading, the pages of your website should be structurally sound. By separating the content from the presentation, we will build the web pages to be lighter, and significantly faster to modify. We try to think ahead and make what we build today faster to work with in the future.

Tested In Many Browsers - Workable Web Solutions tests the web pages we build in a wide variety of internet browsers from the most recent versions of Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox to older versions that are still in wide circulation. Why? Because different browser programs interpret website code differently. Some of the differences are minor, but others are significant and can make a web page fall apart.

With You Or Without You? Most of our clients want us to do the design as well as the production, while a few of our clients prefer that we work in consultation with their in-house web builders or print designers. We're happy to work either way.



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