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Three Parts Of Website Design

When we think of "design," we usually mean the aesthetics or graphic design. But that's only part of the picture.

The Graphic Design of a web page includes the colors, shapes, pictures. In general, the "look and feel," making things clear and attractive to the eye.

The Information Design lies underneath everything. It is here that we determine what material is going to be included in the website? How is it going to be presented? What is going to be emphasized and prioritized? How will the needs of different parts of your audience be addressed? Without well-thought-out information design, a website's content wanders aimlessly. No, not good.

The Structure and Programming Design includes the connecting wires and machines that make your website do all of those magical things we have come to expect. No, it's not really “wires” and “tubes” – just solid engineering design.

When these three components come together, it results in good design. That's what we aim to do. It requires more thought and work... but the results are worth it.

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