Meet The IMA Team

The Team That Makes It Work

Randall Bieber

A seasoned and knowledgeable professional, Randall “Randy” Bieber has been in the insurance business since 1964.

In 1989, he founded Insurance Management Associates, focusing on individual customer service and knowledgeable advice.

“Insurance has changed tremendously," he says, reflecting on his 45 years in the industry.

“There are so many new types of insurance policies. Some of today's standard policies were put together in the past by combining others.

“For example, today's homeowner's policy used to be three separate policies: a fire policy, a theft policy and a liability policy.”

Other types of today's coverage were created to address new risks, such as damage or loss of expensive electronics.

“There is always something new being created – because of increased risk, new government regulations, or concerns for safety in a changing world.

”Only one thing is for certain:

“Selecting the right insurance coverage and carrier is more confusing than ever. There are so many options and so many limitations that you have to be careful to choose the right ones.

“In insurance, there's no such thing as 'one size fits all.' Those days are gone, if they ever existed at all.”

“I'm proud that we have a team of experienced people who are professionals, who know their way around the business and know what questions to ask our clients to make sure we present all the options to them and guide them in the right direction.”

To speak with Randy Bieber or one of IMA's other professionals, call 410-266-8888 or send an e-mail.


Michael Wagener

Within minutes of meeting Michael Wagener, you realize that he is a hard worker and natural problem-solver.

With more than 25 years experience in the insurance industry, he has seen more and solved more problems than he ever imagined.

He is resourceful and has built a wide range of knowledge and contacts over the years -- expertise and contacts that serve his clients well.

“I am more of a problem solver and a business consultant. than a salesman.”

“I started in a claims department, so I understand risk.” Actually, Michael more than understands risk – he has experienced it.

In his early twenties, he worked as a suspension bridge painter, a job that meant climbing to the top of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge everyday and working his way up and down the supports. And, no, he points out, shuddering at the thought, he wasn’t insured at the time.

“Did that change my mind about insurance? You bet it did!” he says in retrospect.

An avid soccer player, Michael worked in the early 1980’s as a youth counselor with 16-20 year old school drop-outs. “I worked with local business to help find jobs for these young people, to show them that there was a way to be productive. When I look back on it, I realize that I transferred many of those skills to my work today in insurance. I’m still helping out the community and still building relationships with local businesses.”

To speak with Mike Wagener or one of IMA's other professionals, call 410-266-8888 or send an e-mail.



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