The Problem Solvers

Big or Small, All Problems Are Important, And Our Experienced Staff Knows How To Make Things Possible

IMA's seasoned professionals have innovative insurance solutions that manage risk, consolidate coverage, and save money.

In short, Insurance Management Associates is plugged in and no problem is too complicated or too small.

Insurance Management Associates’ professional staff – many with more than twenty years of experience – work smart. And solve problems everyday.

For more information or a free consultation, contact Insurance Management Associates at 410-266-8888 or by e-mail.


Real Stories

Special Markets and Special Care

An IMA agent was on vacation in Lake George, New York when an urgent call came to his cell phone from a client who needed a special "floating coverage" policy within an hour.

"Ricky Skaggs has an elaborate mandolin that needs to be moved from his house to a show he's about to do. We need a million dollar floater coverage... Right away!"

"I knew who to call for that kind of unique coverage. We had the policy they needed within an hour. My clients know that if I can answer the phone, I'll be there for them."



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