Commercial Real Estate Insurance

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Insurance Management Associates has expertise in writing insurance for all types of commercial buildings, ranging from small retail to large shopping or strip malls.

IMA represents insurance companies that specialize in writing both small and large real estate accounts.

"We work closely with our clients and the insurance companies to provide you with the best priced policy that is specifically tailored to your individual needs," explains Michael Wagener.

"Our expertise in real estate allows us to offer valuable services to commercial accounts." that are not offered by most other agencies including:

  • Guidance with determining the proper insurance replacement cost of your building,
  • Suggestions on insurance coverages that are crucial for Real Estate accounts (e.g. Building Ordinance and Law Coverage),
  • Loss control and prevention tips,
  • Explanation of the importance of using properly worded contracts with all contractors that service your buildings.

    For more information, contact Insurance Management Associates at 410-266-8888 or by e-mail.



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