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“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.”

- Marcel Proust


What Is It Like From The Other Side?

The User Experience: "Users" Are People

Don't let them fool you: Menus don't need to be be clear. Why? Because some things are just obvious. (Want to have some fun? Hide some things altogether.) Trixie knows everythingRemember -- clear menus and navigation are highly overrated.

Keep it a mystery. How do I know? Because I know that people love when you keep them guessing! Another Helpful Tip From Trixie?

Everyday things need to be clear and work well.

To work well, your website needs to be interesting, intuitive, informative and easy to use.

How you communicate with people is key to the success of your web site.

No one wants to waste their time when the difficulty of a task is so much greater than the benefit.

Make Sense! Whether we are trying to find something, do something or learn about something, we want the process to make sense, be efficient and enjoyable.

People are the most important: Computer code is important and graphics are important... but people are the most important! How you communicate with people is key to the success of your web site.

Users have lots of choices, and those choices are just one mouse-click away from you. Trying to figure out a confusing website is not a priority in life.

Your website needs to work for your audience.

"Think of me, the user, and my time if you expect me to use your web site."

Workable Web Solutions, LLC designs and builds new websites and redesign existing ones. To us, it is all about providing valuable and clear information.

We make it easy, fun and interesting to get around your web site.

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Photo of difficult baseball play. Is this what it takes to make sense out of your website?



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